Cloze test: Problems 2.0

Even the sites of well-known, prestigious bodies are not free from mistakes or incoherent and unreliable materials. (by John F. Sweeney)

Dai le risposte in MAIUSCOLO. Se ti serve un aiuto, le parole da usare le trovi

    There are several very good __1__ for surfing the Net: to look __2__ materials to be used with the __3__ Whiteboard (IWB – LIM in Italian) or to be embedded __4__ PowerPoint slides, to check for information __5__ or about the language __6__ taught, and so on.

    There are sites __7__ provide videos, lesson plans, __8__ tables (with conjugations, sets of rules, etc.), pictures, audio files with __9__ pronunciation of isolated words and __10__ sentences, drills, exercises, monolingual, __11__ and multilingual dictionaries…: at __12__ sight, a language teacher’s paradise.

    Some of these __13__ are run by __14__-known organisations: cultural Agencies, publishers, __15__ departments and many more;__16__ a few are provided by on-line __17__ of foreign languages that offer __18__ first lessons or units __19__ of charge, hoping to encourage prospective __20__ to buy access to the __21__ course.

    Therefore, one would expect to __22__ good-quality materials, a high __23__ of language accuracy and __24__ sound methodological framework. __25__, the Web is full of unpleasant surprises, __26__ we shall see.

    Besides there are a __27__ of problems that are intrinsic __28__ some aspects of the languages being __29__. For example, it may not be clear which regional __30__ of English is used.

    Until you __31__ to the video or audio files, __32__ of the times you do not know __33__ to expect a British (RP) or an American (GA) __34__(other varieties, from Irish to Australian, are __35__ less frequent).

    A fairly advanced learner has __36__ problems – indeed listening to and familiarizing __37__ different varieties is very __38__ for the development of aural comprehension –__39__ things can become very confusing for a __40__ without adequate guidance from a teacher.

    __41__ kinds of problems – e.g. lexical – seem to be less __42__; however, learning the names of the __43__ from some sites means not knowing __44__“autumn” means because the only form __45__ is “fall”.

    Some of these outcomes are __46__ natural: the providers of learning materials __47__ their own variety of language in mind and teach it. Their __48__ is that if a learner opens other sites, downloads __49__ files and uses them without realising that there may be conflicts, so much the __50__for that learner.