Exercises and tests

Materials for SILSIS 2009

Charts on behavioural objectives and curricular programming (January 27)

  1. Instructional cycle.
  2. Dominantly Cognitive Behavioural Objective.
  3. Dominantly Affective Behavioural Objective.
  4. Dominantly Psychomotor Behavioural Objective.
  5. Hierarchical Structure (Cognitive domain).
  6. Hierarchical Structure (Affective domain).
  7. Hierarchical Structure (Psychomotor domain).
  8. Curricular Programming (G. Zani).
  9. Curricular Programming (G. P.).

A bilingual glossary of Languege Testing terms.

The first set of slides.

The second set of slides.

The third set of slides (03.03.09).

The fourth set of slides (06.03.09).

The fifth set of slides (06.03.09).

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